Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Life drawing

I went to Life Drawing at the Arthouse Hotel in Sydney, and I must say I was impressed! Expecting it to be a bit of a casual affair, with people treating the life drawing as a novelty or afterthought, I was pleased to find the atmosphere almost formal, and the crowd very focussed and attentive to the life models. I guess it's hard to find cheap life drawing in Sydney, so when it's available the artists flock around. It was the first life drawing I had done in quite a while, but found my contour drawing skills were lying not too far below the surface, especially when excavated with a glass of shiraz.
The beautiful structured interior of the Arthouse was the perfect surrounds for this activity, and very inspiring. I'm hoping to go back on a semi-regular basis.. it was a fabulous creative start to the week! Here are some of my scratchings..

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