Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Recent calendar drawings

I've been redrawing some illustrations that I wasn't quite happy with in my first calendar. As I've been slack in updating them as I do them, here they are all together! This time round I'm using much more pencil and a lot less pastel, for a cleaner look. I gave myself some nice new prisma pencils for my birthday, and I'm very pleased with the results they are creating!

Bok choy and persimmon

Corn and pomegranate

I'm still not happy with the bok choy.. it's surprisingly hard to draw. I'll keep trying though!

Healing hyacinths

I received some beautiful hyacinths from work when I was off sick recently. They came with magnolia leaves and tiger lillies, and made my house smell amazing, soothing my foggy post-anaethestic brain. They urged me to draw them every day until i finally gave in! I made another attempt with watercolour pencils.. getting better each time.